A Story about Education and Equality

"I am supremely proud that National Council for the Social Studies is associated with such a high quality and deeply moving documentary that tells a story from our lifetimes with remarkable impact."


Susan Griffin, Executive Director - National Council for the Social Studies

"I love that it's a story of a high school student and the courage he exhibited during a difficult time. I believe that will resonate strongly with our high school students."


Karen Kiss, United States History Teacher - Albemarle High School

"We can read about this time period, but to see people who actually experienced this time period and hear them talk about it will make it more identifiable for my students. I plan to use this next year with my students in several ways, one being how to change unjust laws and the effect these laws have on people."


MarthaMerle Hackworth, 7th Grade Civics Teacher - Monelison Middle School

"The very calmness of Mr. Stokes' Mission evokes strong emotion in viewers. The film is a brilliant gift -- an easy to swallow dose of reality which should be prescribed for future generations of all Americans."


Michael Mallory, Executive Director - Ron Brown Scholar Program

"The DVD helped me feel how real all this was. I can't wait to use this in my classroom. I feel the DVD was a great way to share this emotional story."


Donna M. Hamric, Fourth Grade Virginia Studies Teacher - McSwain Elementary School



11-16-12 National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference, Seattle , WA.

11-18-12 Alexandria Film Festival, Alexandria, VA

12-01-12 James River Shorts, Richmond, VA (Honorable Mention)

03-02-13 Richmond International Film Festival, Richmond, VA

03-06-13 DC Independent Film Festival, Washington, DC

03-21-13 Annapolis Film Festival, Annapolis, MD

04-13-13 Langston Hughes African American Film Festival, Seattle, WA

04-25-13 Rochester International Film Festival, Rochester, NY (Certificate of Merit)

10-10-13 Seattle Social Justice Film Festival

10-15-15 New York City Independent Film Festival (Mark of Distinction)

10-20-13 Utopia Film Festival

11-02-13 International Black Film Festival of Nashville

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